Meet Norum our Mascot


Norum Bear AKA Paddington Bear, was appointed as our unofficial mascot in 2015. Norum accompanied the team on the 2015 visit to Nepal and we made sure he was with us all the way, participating in all the work that we got involved in. Norum was happy to sit around the table and participate in discussions. He even took some notes for us!. Stay tuned for more adventures of Norum!

Norum at the Health Post with Dr Nick and PK

Did you know that Norum is Nepalese for furry?

Norum having a cup of tea with Dr Nick
Norum writing up his diary Maidi

Network News Clippings


The Central Western Daily (CWD)  is the local newspaper of Orange, NSW, Australia. The CWD have been reporting on the work of the ANMHN.

Please click on the links below to read the articles published by the CWD.  




Network News