Raising funds for mental health services in Nepal 

With our colleagues , families and friends we raise small amounts of funds to assist a number of services in Nepal. The Rotary Club of Orange Daybreak and the Rotary Club of Blayney along with District 9700 are also very supportive. You can donate specifically to us to help Chhahari a street-front service in Kathmandu, or to Dr Kunwar who is building services for young children with mental health problems or just generally. To sponsor us, click on 'donate' and follow the prompts. 

We have a fundraising film night on 13 September 2019. Email Robyn directly  to hear more.

Our team: November 2019

And this year we are travelling to Nepal again in November to work with our colleagues and continue to dialogue and exchange skills and learnings about mental health. Photo below shows some of the team; second from left, Dr Nick Burns, Robyn Murray, Lynette Bullen and Nan Fogarty with Mark Hanson from Rotary.


​The Australia-Nepal Mental Health Network (ANMHM)

is a group of volunteer senior mental health professionals from Australia that support the endeavours being made in Nepal to improve the lives of people living with a mental illness.  


​The Australia-Nepal Mental Health Network (ANMHM)

offers expertise and collegial networks to improve skills and further build capacity of local Nepali mental health services. We do this by using our own experience and limited resources to help in ways that are sustainable and will add value to existing services.


ANMHN is partnered by colleagues in Nepal and auspiced by Rotary Australia World community Services (RAWCS)


At the ANMHN, we understand and incorporate into our work the wide cultural variations between our two countries. We come, therefore, with humility, enthusiasm and inquiring minds.

And we learn  much from our colleagues in Nepal.

It is a two-way exchange.